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Developing Skills Amongst Students


Modern civilization is characterized by the growing pace of change. The economy now undergoes a radical transformation within a single generation. Because of the enormous difficulty in understanding and surviving change, we talk about the impact of these changes as future shock. These fundamental shifts are always a part of a longer historical evolution, in which technological development plays a part. Therefore, the question is how one links the skill development to future challenges so as to address the demand of the growing economies. Skill development is an important driver to address poverty reduction by improving employability, productivity and helping sustainable enterprise development and inclusive growth. It facilitates a cycle of high productivity, increased employment opportunities, income growth and development. This e-book is a testament to man's indomitable spirit that never acquiesces in the strains inflicted upon it. It is important to recognize and use natural learning style strengths when it comes to where, when and how we study and learn effectively.

General Knowledge 2017


In the present day scenario of employment and education, having a good hold on General Knowledge is a basic survival necessity. To crack the preliminary examination for any kind of government job or to get through an entrance test for a higher education program, General Knowledge is a must. Before possessing this set of knowledge, one must understand that general knowledge comprises of not only current affairs but history, geography, science, computer, polity and constitution, etc. too. And this set of information needs to be updated timely; else one can lag behind in these times of close competition. The present e-book, General Knowledge 2017, is a specially curated e-book in the same direction for aspirants of various competitive exams appearing in year 2017. This e-book comprises questions that are frequently asked in major competition examinations of the country, and is compiled with an eye to the future prospects too.

How to become a Smart Student


How to Become a Smart Student is aimed to help the readers improve their communication with their family, especially with children. As you confer the laws contained in this book, you can play a constructive role in the creation of your child’s value system. If your child is an adolescent, the key to success may be to allow him/her to fully express opinions and experiences. Once your teenager has stated a position, you can present a particular law of life and discuss its many ramifications as simply another point of view without pressurizing him/her to comply. In fact, in all likelihood you will not get instant agreement, but you will have planted a seed that may bear fruit as he/she matures. This e-book has been written from a lifetime of experience and diligent observation in the hope that it may help people in all parts of the world to make their lives not only happier but also more useful. This book is an attempt to present some sound values and good principles to the modern readers.

How to Crack IIT JEE


Every year, the crème de la crème of Indian students appear in JEE of the IITs to qualify for admission to what is considered the Mecca of technical education in India. Years of meticulous training coupled with mental preparation needs to be timed to deliver the peak performance at the right moment.

The years of competitive examinations have given birth to efficient technocrats, both men and women, who believe that, “if one advances confidently in the direction of ones dreams, and endeavours to live the life, that he/she has imagined, he/she will definitely achieve success in it. If a person aspires for the highest position, it is not disgraceful to stop at the second, or even the third place.”

This e-book has been written keeping in mind the void, that exists regarding the tools needed to achieve proper study skills to get success in IIT-JEE. The main objective of the e-book is to provide practical techniques, so as to help aspirants encash on the opportunity of education at IIT-JEE. The comprehensive and updated information about the examination will help him embark on the path of achievement and consequently a successful career.

How to get Maximum Marks in Examination?


Examinations, tests, competitions, interviews are challenges which you must face right now and conquer with confidence and ease. If you have the will, victory is yours. If you show courage, you can make the conquest. This e-book will help you to discover the hidden strengths, latent power, forgotten talents and untapped potentialities and make you rediscover your personality afresh to conquer the fear of failure in examinations. This is a must book for every student. The narratives are easily understood with a profound and life-changing effect. Once you learn how to study, studying can be FUN! It takes a plan, procedure, practice and a desire to be successful: This e-book is designed to give you the tools needed to achieve proper study skills to achieve success in the forthcoming examinations. This e-book contains some of the best and most effective techniques of successful students—who hold high ranks. These tests demand that students have a very sound knowledge of the subject so that they can solve; new types of problems. Students will find the e-book useful in their preparation for academic and various entrance examinations.

How to Increase Memory Power amongst Students


The idea that we use only 10 per cent of our brain is a myth. We actually use our entire brain, but the ‘psychiatrists’ who claimed that we can tap into the other functions of the brain in order to enjoy abilities such as Extra-Sensory Perception perpetuated the myth. The authors of this e-book maintain that it is possible to improve the memory by using strategies that engage certain parts of the brain. The e-book divided into thirteen chapters is useful not only for students but also for people at large. Readers can apply the techniques mentioned in this book to improve their memory for daily usage and for professional success too.

How to Overcome Fear of Mathematics


Fear of mathematics has been a common notion and has been prevailing for a long time among learners of all ages. Mathematics anxiety conjures up fear of some type; the fear that one won't be able to do the mathematics or the fear of failure, which often stems from lacking confidence. In a rage to do it right, we sometimes go blank and feel it’ll result in failure. Remember, the more frustrated and anxious our minds become, the greater the chance for drawing blanks. Through this e-book, the author has split the learning process for mathematics into small skills to make it easier for the learners to understand the concepts and tricks better. This e-book outlines good study habits, and provides students with study strategies and tips to improve in areas such as time management, organization, and test-taking skills. Poor performance in mathematics is rarely due to a lack of intelligence. Mathematics can be mastered only with practice.

Leadership Amongst Students


As society grows into a more cooperative society, the importance of finding emerging leaders has become crucial. Not only should these potential leaders be identified, but also their talents need the opportunity to develop. As a result, leadership education continues to be a concern in gifted education. However, it remains an abstract concept that is often ignored in school curricula. Student leadership lies at the heart of improving our schools and enabling young people to realise their potential. It builds the necessary skills, confidence and motivation for young people to engage directly in the wider improvement of the school and, in particular, in the improvement of the learning experience. It enables students to become advocates for their own needs and the needs of others. It lies at the heart of building a sense of community and trust in school and builds effective relationships. An investment in student leadership is a direct investment in tomorrow’s leaders of our schools and of our communities.

Personality Development for Students


Life is a journey of incessant self-improvement. It starts from the day one is born. This e-book is replete with ways which will guide one to tap the latent abilities and achieve the most in this life. The reader will find ways and means which will help enhance the life through self-improvement. Young students will definitely profit from this book, for it will not only guide them but clear many doubts and answer questions that arise in their tender minds. They will, with the help of this e-book, improve as a person and grow into good human beings. Self-improvement is the only way through which one can really improve for no one can improve you but yourself. A complete e-handbook for all round personality development.